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The Fuzzie is exclusive to Teckelklub. It is an extremely popular and versatile warmth solution that works layered under any Teckelklub waterproof jacket or as a standalone solution for warmth year-round. This all season favorite is available in an eye-catching range of colors that will suit the style of any dog and owner. The Fuzzie is as cozy as your favorite sweater and provides just the right amount of warmth for cool, windy days outdoors or ultimate comfort indoors. 

Unlike our jackets, The Fuzzie is sized in 2 inch [5cm] increments to fit snug. It comes in 6" [15cm] to 28" [71cm] lengths. Made in Canada from 420 weight anti-pill Polyester fleece & machine washable, hang to dry, The Fuzzie quality will outlast any fleece in the market & look great for years to come.

Key Features & Benefits
Very high quality thick fleece
Easy-on, easy-off fits all breeds with slip-over neck & Velcro chest closure
Reflective collar features for night visibility
The Fuzzie is a Teckelklub copyright registration ©2000

Fuzzie Size Body Length Neck Chest
6" 6"[15cm] 8"[20cm] 9-11"[23-28cm]
8" 8"[20cm] 8"[20cm] 9-12"[23-30cm]
10" 10"[25cm] 10"[25cm] 13-15"[33-38cm]
12" 12"[30cm] 10"[25cm] 13-16"[33-41cm]
14" 14"[36cm] 12"[30cm] 14-17"[36-43cm]
16" 16"[41cm] 13"[33cm] 18-20"[46-51cm]
18" 18"[46cm] 14"[36cm] 21-26"[53-66cm]
20" 20"[51cm] 17"[43cm] 22-27"[56-69cm]
22" 22"[56cm] 18"[46cm] 24-28"[61-71cm]
24" 24"[61cm] 20"[51cm] 26-31"[66-79cm]
26" 26"[66cm] 20"[51cm] 27-32"[69-81cm]
28" 28"[71cm] 22"[56cm] 29-34"[74-86cm]
All Fuzzie Sizes are in 2" [5cm] increments for a snug fit when worn alone & to layer well under all Teckelklub jackets.
All sizes represent approximate range.
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