Magic Dust Pork 3.75oz

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Magic Dust Pork is a fresh and unique solution to helping with feeding dogs and cats. Is your dog or cat bored with meal time? Are you trying to transition to a new food? Would you like to add some flavor variety to your pet's meal? Our Magic Dust is the perfect solution for pets who are not eating their food or just need something different from time to time.

Not just made from leftovers, our fresh jerky topper is effortless with just 2 easy steps. Shake on - Mix in...and you can even add water to the bowl if desired. This single protein jerky topper finally makes meal time exciting again! It's also a great solution for adding various flavors to your dog's or cat's food, whether it's a kibble, raw, or any other kind of meal. Just shake the bottle on its side a little to portion it out and mix with a spoon to easily coat the whole meal. Like our other treats this topper is, of course, made with Human Grade ingredients and Grain Free.

Ingredients: Pork, Vegetable Glycerin, Mixed Tocopherols (a preservative)

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