Wrinkle Pads

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  • Wrinkle Pads for Bulldog - After playing in the backyard use our wet wipes for dogs to clean up the dirt hiding in the wrinkles of you furry friend and reduce odor with our grooming wipes. If there is soreness, bad odor or infections, our dog wrinkle cleaner wipes will help and treat your french bulldog wrinkles
  • Dog Skin Wrinkle Care - Clean wrinkles, skin folds, paws, tear stains, ear and tail pockets with our dog cleaning wipes. Our natural dog wet wipes are here to keep your puppies wrinkles free from discomfort. This dog wipes deodorizing is the next addition to your dog cleaning supplies
  • All Breeds Benefit - Bulldogs, Pugs, and more will benefit from adding our doggy wipes and our wrinkle balm for dogs to your french bulldog accessories. Use as dog antiseptic wipes, canine facial wipes, dog tear cleaner, dog bath wipes, puppy eye wipes, dog butt wipes, tear eye wipes for dogs, dog wipes for allergies and itching and dog paw wipes and complete your treatment with our wrinkle cream for dogs
  • The Half is in the Honey - The half from our dog wipes bulk is from the bees that contribute to the Manuka Honey that is used to produce your ear wipes for dogs. The honey contains natural oils and waxes designed to be safe, effective and easy to apply to the itchy and infected areas of your precious pet. No GMO & Cruelty Free. All Clean Ingredients.
  • Two Pets and a Half Promise - Made in the USA - At Two Pets and a Half we stand by our products and offer a full refund warranty if you experience any issues with your Two Pets and a Half product. 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for at Two Pets and a Half
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